Is Taylor Swift still mad over what Camilla Belle did to her boyfriend?

Is Taylor still upset over Camilla Belle if so why? I mean this was like 2 years ago and Taylor is still angry about Camilla cheating on her boyfriend or something? And is she friends with Kanye West now..i heard they definitely made up.

Answer #1

Probably. She gets pissy at all her exs then writes songs about their secrets for the entire world to hear. Classy.

Answer #2

You can’t say Taylor is unclassy for that. She writes songs about her relationships, the good and the bad. There’s nothing wrong with it. I would do the same.

Answer #3

But calling her one ex gay? And calling Belle a slut when the breakup happened years ago.

Answer #4

I’m sure I’ve called my ex gay lol. I’ve called at least one of his ex’s a slut.

Answer #5

But in public for the entire world to hear?

Answer #6

Why should she hold anything back, just cause it’s the public?

Answer #7

Because calling someone a slut is bullying, and sending out a message that girls all over are allowed to say nasty things.

Answer #8

LMAO. Sending out a message that girls are allowed to say nasty things? Seriously? So before Taylor said that, girls thought they weren’t allowed to say nasty things? Hahahah. Taylor saying a harmless word isn’t going to send out that kind of message. Other celebrities have done A LOT worse than Taylor and no one cares.

Answer #9

Taylor is a hypocrite. Wasn’t Mean written for anti-bullying? And yet she goes and insults a girl who may or may not have been the cause of her breakup. Call her what you want, but she is not classy.

Answer #10

Mean was written about a Critic saying she’s never gonna make it because she can’t sing. 99% of girls have called another one a slut, bitchh, or ect. YOU can’t say YOU haven’t called someone something like that. Your 16. In HIGHSCHOOL. So you can deny that you haven’t all you want. Because I know it’ll be a lie.

Answer #11

So doesn’t that make you a hypocrite 4 saying that about Taylor. Yeahhh I think it does. I would do the same thing she did. I’ve called plenty of my ex’s gayy if not something worse. & Have called girls slutts & ect. also. I see nothing wrong with it. Do you honestly think that Camilla didn’t go back home or sumthn & say sumthn like that about Taylor?

Answer #12

But see thats wrong. It doesn’t matter how many girls do it, its still bullying. Taylor stated Mean was an anti-bullying message. Camilla Belle has never said anything about Swift in public, but Taylor is running her mouth 2 years after the breakup. If she wants to insult Camilla she should do it face to face. There is no class in bullying, no matter who said what.

Answer #13

But you can’t say you havent called someone something like that can you?

Answer #14

what did camilla belle do to taylor swifts boyfriend?

Answer #15

i thought she cheated on her.

Answer #16

i thought she cheated on her.

Answer #17

i mean i thought she cheated on her ex boyfriend and taylor is still upset over it?

Answer #18

i mean i thought she cheated on her ex boyfriend and taylor is still upset over it?

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