Did anyone see Orphan?

I seen it this past Friday and I think it’s one of the best horror films to date. For those of you who’ve seen it what did you think about the ending. And for those who have not I strongly recommend seeing this movie, You will not be disappointed.

Answer #1

UGGGHHh I hated the ending! I hope they make another one when she comes back alive or something. It could be Orphan 2, Esthers Back! :P

Answer #2

Is it sick or what?

Answer #3

Yeah I saw it like a week ago , it was a great movie :) The ending kinda made me jump but I loved it compeltely the only thing is , its not scary jsut a few jumps here and there ..

Answer #4

I want to see it so bad! Every time I see the previews I say, “I NEED to see that movie.” But I haven’t yet. And now that you say it’s good, I’m totally and definitely going to see it.

Answer #5

Please for those of you who have seen it, Please do not give away the ending. Thanks.

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