Did anyone see the previews for "I Am Legend"?

Did anybody see the previews for “I am Legend”??? It looks sick as hell!!!

Answer #1

I love the book and was put off when I saw that they had cast Will Smith (and that the movie had no vampires.) I have to admit that the trailer does look cool though.

Answer #2

it is an amazing movie I have watched it 2 times

Answer #3

I haven’t read the book but I have seen the trailer and it does look like a pretty good movie

Answer #4

Yeah, it looks like it will be an entertaining movie! I’m going to see it!

Answer #5

Yes, I read the book as well…should be very good..

Answer #6

I did I want to see it how are you btw?

Answer #7

ya I have seen the previews 4 it…it looks good

Answer #8

yes. god im so excited

Answer #9

yeah, I seen it, it rocked.

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