Could it be possible for me to have diabetes at my age (young teen)?

i looked online and i have a few of the symtoms, and i dont have a great diet, and im not that fit. But im not overweight, if anything im under weight.?

Answer #1

Yes it is possible, it is called JD (Juvenile Diabetes) and you need to have a GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test) to diagnosis it…

Do not wait.

Answer #2

It’s possible to get it from as young as primary school. I strongly suggest you visit your doctor for it. But they could just be symptoms of something else, or maybe your just paranoid. Still visit your doctor, diabetes is extremely serious. All the best xx

Answer #3

Yes, kids can get it at a very young age. Diabetes can be inherited and sometimes passed along within a family, you should go to a doctor and discuss this, it can get very serious as time passes.

Answer #4

yes it is verymuch possible my friend was diagnoised with diabetes when he was 9

Answer #5

Yes, you can get type 1 diabetes, and also type 2 diabetes either one.

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