Can you die from getting insulin if you don't need it?

can you die from getting not needed insulin?

Answer #1

Yes, its possible - it would technically be an overdose, which could (if its too much) send you into a coma, and if quite a lot, kill you. Diabetics generally always keep a close eye on the amount they take - anyone who is not a diabetic should not be taking insulin injections, even for fun.

Answer #2

I’m sure it’s possible, however, most diabetics in my family have been very careful about that kind of thing. Eg, if it’s a serious condition you have, it’s not going to be like in the movies where they forget all the time.

Answer #3

Yes. You can overdose on ANYTHING… even water…

Answer #4

Thanks. In calss we are doing a project for diabetes awarness month. I’m trying to get as much info as possible.

Answer #5


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