Need period to get pregnant?

I havent started my period and im 20 years old will I ever have one and I trying to get pregnant me and my husband hust got married and want a baby help

Answer #1

You really need to go to a gyno. You should have had them by now and you will need to be checked to see why you havent ever had them. If you dont your not going to get far with that baby making.

Answer #2

a few things could affect this…diets, over exerscising,…if your starving yourself skinny it also likely not to come. but at 20 you really should see a doctor. most people would see one if there around 17 and havent got it yet. so get there right away!!

Answer #3

yeah, if your like 20 and havent had a period you should see a doctor, because you should have gotten them already.

Answer #4

you should see a doctor, you should have them by now…

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