Destroying dolls

What is a hilariously weird way to destroy a barbie doll?? Burn it, cut it etc.

Answer #1

I’d throw them down stairs or push them off some random high place and see what fall did the most damage. Then I’d cut their hair in crazy ways, cut their clothes and stab them with random objects and stuff. I’d pretty much find any and every way to make them go through a disasterous death lmao

Answer #2

strap it to firework, leave a note on her that says “I wanted it be this way, screw you Ken, Love, Barbie”, light the fuse, and wave bye bye as it smiles it’s smug smile at you one last time

Answer #3

hahahaaa that was funny. I was more of a limb ripper. :)

Answer #4

I used to rip them apart pull and cut all its hair off and draw all over them, and then set them on fire. xD

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