Why does deodrant make me sweat more?

Answer #1

Thats very strange, prehaps you are allergic to it or the particular brand you are using just doesn’t agree with you. I suggest trying a different brand to see if it helps.

Answer #2

Deodrants are sprayed on skin. It depends on the skin type and atmosphere. The best method to use a deodrant is it should be sprayed on arm pits, wrists, and chest after bathe. Do not spray while standing under a fan. After sprayed, do not wear the clothes immediately.

Answer #3

It blocks up your sweat glands, when it wears of your sweat glands probably produce more sweat now that they’re not unnaturally being prevented from it.

Answer #4

wears off** -.-

Answer #5

this happened to me with lots of deodorants! :/ but now i’m using secret clinical strength waterproof kind, and it is AWESOME! you should try it :)

Answer #6

thats my same problem.. i keep sweating but when im at home i feel comfortable and i dont sweat but when i go places with a bunch of people i sweat alot but not too much its just near my under arm like alittle sweat but still i hate it.. andd if your hands sweat get botox under your arms and you will stop sweating. thats one way or use a different deoderent until it stops

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