is it a bad thing to be nervous about going to the dentist?

is it a bad thing to be nervous about going to the dentist?

Answer #1

No its not bad to be scared

Answer #2

nah but ull get over nervousness soon enough lol

Answer #3

depends on how often you go to the dentist pepole have different levles of stress

so the awnsew from me would be yes and no

Answer #4

well…yes and no. they slowly insert the needle of novacaine into your gums. that is kinda umm…doesnt feel very good. but after that. your numm. well depends on whuts wrong with your teeth. if there like really badly decayed then chances are that novacaine will not work very good. trust me. im toothless. yes I am the 1 who you laughed at cause I had all of my teeth removed and guess whut? I really dont care…have fun.

Answer #5

If it’s “bad” then you’re in the company of thousands and thousands of “bad” folks… :)

Being nervous is normal…most people do not look forward to going to the dentist.


Answer #6

thanks for the answers, and I have only been to the dentist one other time in my life. I need a bit of work done. :( and I am kinda scared of the pain and what to expect. my boyfriend just had two teeth pulled last week and dealt with dry socket all weekend he was in a great deal of pain. :( I’m so nervous!

Answer #7

dont worry about it it dosent hert much… well…that is if you arnt getting teath pulled out

they put me to sleep when they pulled my teath out

mabie that would be the better option for u if your getting teath out

Answer #8

it isnt bad to be afraid of the dentist everyone has fears and if when you were little you didnt have a very good experince or didnt go offten then that wont help

Hope I helped Bye,BYEXX

Answer #9

That’s 100% normal. I don’t think there are many people out there who look forward to going to the dentist. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be just fine… and you’ll feel a lot better once it’s all done and over with :)

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