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There are 10 days I have toothache. My dentist filled in my tooth, he warned me I will have pain at least 3 weeks and after will be fine. The pain is so strong I have to take at least 12 painkillers per day, but yesterday I took 18 and last night all night I couldnt sleep because I was feeling very weak and I felt my haert was beating very slow. I dont know what to do, the pain is very strong, is it any pain killer that workes better than this I was taking which is nurofen and co-dydramol

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You should not under any circumstance be taking 18 pain killers a day. You could overdose on this very easily and it may cause death. The packet will tell you the amount not to exceed and you should listen to it. It's there for your protection and safety.

If the recommended amount doesn't take away then follow these steps.

Here are some things that will minimise pain WITHOUT jeopardizing your health;

*Place a hot water bottle on the area- make sure it's not boiling hot though, wait for it to cool

*Put a scarf around your mouth. It stops cold air reaching your teeth

*Do not lie down. When you sleep you're head needs to be further up than you would usually have it. Maybe add an extra pillow.

Do not take over the recommended amount of tablets for your own safety

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