How do i delet my history of websearches on my computer?

i accdently clicked a site and it took me to some porn site i clicked out but it stilled showed up on my computer history i dont want to have to explain it to my dad what can i do to delet it? theres no clear history button and theres no little x i can click next to it

Answer #1

what browser are you using? if you are using IE 8 you go into Tools > Internet Options > under browsing history click Delete > a box will come up check everything and click delete

another way is to click on your favourites icon (the star) and then click on history and right click the days and click delete

Answer #2

if you are using firefox then at the top click on history > then click on show all history > then in the column it will list the days you can right click them and select delete for all of them

Answer #3

I would use Google Chrome… you can use Incognito browsing, which doesn’t save anything. On Chrome you just go to History, click Edit History, and check the ones you want to delete. Then hit the delete button. Fairly simple.

Answer #4

As the other replies have said, you can delete your web history that way. But keep in mind that files are stored on your computer, and are very difficult to locate, and remove. There are programs, such as MilShield, which will overwrite these index.dat files several times, which make them almost unrecoverable. It is very difficult to completely wipe information stored regarding web activity.

Answer #5

true but unless her parents are computer techs the only thing they prob check is history

Answer #6

If you use Firefox you can set your choices to “Firefox will never remember history” under tools, options, privacy you only need to select “Firefox will never remember history” and ALL your browsing is private.

Answer #7

or a shortcut is push control shift delete, which brings up that clear data screen

Answer #8

To clear history in Firefox

Go to History => Select show all history => clear the list there.

Answer #9

if you use internet explorer safety delete browsing history then press delete and your done!

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