History of Haunted House

How and where on-line (free) can I get the history of a past home. It was built in 1882 and I know of many who died in the house since the 70’s. I found through public record the property I.D. # but the records only show the last two sales from the house.

Answer #1

Years ago I actually had many encounters with the “super-natural”. Many strange unexplained happenings in that house. Recently I found out that just before my family moved into the house, a man hung himself. The house was built in 1882 and was once a court house & jail. One of the original houses in this small town. Since my family moved out, a number of people have moved in and out quickly and if they didn’t move out – died. Some of which I am told had a look of terror on their face. My father was one of many.

Answer #2

did you see ghost? you have to face by face ghost in haunted house???

Answer #3

Good luck finding that stuff. Go to town hall and see what they might have.

Answer #4

Need house history on 5445 vallejo st 80221

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