What all can delay my period?

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Unless you are on the pill there is nothing you can do to delay your period.

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I don't want to delay it. I'm 2 days late but tested negative. So I was wondering what delays it and if it is eaily delayed

How do I bypass or delay my period?

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2 days isnt that late, you could be miscalculating when its due, stress also can cause a late period, sudden weight loss or gain also can. Give it three more days and if your still late take another test, if its negative see a doctor and make sure there is nothin medically wrong.

Period Delay
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Stress can do it...being scared you pregnant is a real stresser.

Is it possible to stop or delay my period?

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stress, being sick like having the flu, or miscalculation.

How my girl can delay periods for two days?
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You can stress yourself out xD

How to delay my period on purpose?

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You may be erregular too. or if you had unprotected sex, then there might be a chance you are pregnant, birthcontrol, erregular, and pregnancy is all i can think of.

Is there a home remedy to delay my period?
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Well I've taken 4 tests, not any of them have been positive and I have an app that keeps track of my period.

Will being stressed delay my period?

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