How many degrees Fahrenheit do you usually put your heater on during winter?

when it’s anywhere from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit outside

Answer #1

We always put the heat thingy on 72 degrees F.

Answer #2

We usually set the thermostat to 72-74 degrees, depending on how we feel. It’s set the same year round, summer or winter…though we turn it off during the day if the weather is close to that and open the doors.

Answer #3

I prefer 68 degrees year round

Answer #4

We have wood heat, so, no thermostat….it sure gets warm in here, though

Answer #5

Ours gets set to 70°-72° during the winter. I dont like being hot so i wont set it any warmer than that.

Answer #6

we dont use F we use C and mine is all the way to 30…

but i dont use that to control the heat, i use the boiler and its set at around 12.5c.

so 12.5 celsius is 54.5 fahrenheit

Answer #7

70 t0 80 degrees it juss depends on how cold u r

Answer #8

like 80 ish and i hate having a wood furnace

Answer #9

About 65-67 during the day and 60 at night.

Answer #10

65 degrees all the damn time haha

Answer #11

85 =]

Answer #12

70 degrees. I can stand for it to be too hot!

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