What does degree/area of study mean in a job application?

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Like what you studied or have a degree in.

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It means what you studied for a part from school i.e on mine I would say Bcom Accounting, which is the name of my degree, a medical student would quote their degree or qualification.

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So diploma could be the answer?

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Yes that is correct.

What does Major mean on the Education part for a job application?

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how bout job title, could cashier be it?

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Yes, that could be it.

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It is asking what degree you were studying while in school. Someone getting a bachelor's degree in medicine would state that. Someone going for a business degree would state that. If you haven't gone to college but gradated from high school, you would state high school diploma under that spot. If you got your GED, you would state that. They are basically asking what you are educated in.

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If you are choosing an accounting stream tha=en you can get a job in the field of the bank, accounting sector and so on. If you choose a computer stream then you can get a job in the field of IT company. There are lots line in iT stream like Developer, Graphics and Android and so on.

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This is the section in which you have to write about your education specialization. In this, you will show the education level. And your field of education whether it is computers, electronics, mechanical, etc. If you want a resume template or want someone to guide you for your resume visit the link below:

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Degree area is important when applying for a job. This means that you are determined in which direction you want to develop and become a professional. For example, if you study marketing, then in the future you can teach ethical marketing to children or write term papers, essays such as

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Obviously, in the event that you will qualify from a perceived establishment, your degree will be increasingly deferential for organizations. For instance, there is a major contrast among oxford and typical degree and each organization will incline toward expert from Oxford. Regardless of you're master which have tremendous essay writing & citation options and dependably endeavor to clean your aptitudes through a perceived organization.

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