How often do you think about deep, complex and serious thoughts?

Answer #1


Answer #2

Every second of everyday. It takes over my life

Answer #3

24/7..24.hours a day 7 days a week

Answer #4

24/7 More at night, though. Although at night they’re more depressing thoughts. The serious, complex ones come during the day.

Answer #5

Me too. I think about it more than I should. But whenever I try to find people to share these thoughts, there’s only people with trivial and superficial complaints. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Answer #6

I usually try not to think about these thoughts as they come in the form of improbable questions that lead to no answers. In the end, I shake them off and move on to something more feasible for my brain :)

Answer #7

i’m the exact same way

Answer #8

The only time my brain shuts up is when it’s saturated with alcohol. Otherwise non stop chatter. What I wouldnt do to have trivial superficial thoughts about nothing important. Way less depressing.

Answer #9

I’m glad to no I’m not the only one I have these thoughts every single day. More so at night time that keeps me up late.

Answer #10

I no exactly what you mean

Answer #11

atleast your brain shuts up with alcohol. Alcohol makes my brain turn any trivial crap into profound things that need to be treated with as much reverence as the deep serious things!

Answer #12

lol, oh yes, this is why I love alcohol. Everything moves so much slower, and by the time I’ve started to think about something profound, I’ve forgotten where I was going with it. Thus I can happily move on to something less important.

Answer #13

Hmm. I probably shouldnt be promoting alcohol to minors. So, the same effects can be achieved through meditation. Much healthier :)

Answer #14

or infomercials!

Answer #15

oh no, my brain will not shut up with infomercials, i start to wonder about who actually buys that stuff, and then about the inventors, and then about what it would be like to be married to someone who invented random stuff, and yeah, it kinda goes on and on and on.

Answer #16

all the time.

Answer #17

Just about all the time, though mine aren’t negative like most of the people here’s thoughts. Mine tend to go towards possible solutions to problems rather that just the problems.

Answer #18

Pretty much non stop. My personality type is called the thinker. I’m always contemplating and looking at things in a way which they can be improved.

Answer #19

ALL THE TIME!!! its actually ridiculous but it cant be helped..atleast in my opinion!

Answer #20

All the time, drives me nuts that I get so into one little thing and start branching off. :/

Answer #21

pyritinol buddy check it out, its the only damn thing that will shut my brain up and let me center.

Answer #22

alot1 i think about non humen thoughts then my brain over louds and i pass out

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