Dream a death

What does it mean when you have the feeling that someone is going to die, and then you dream your friend dying?

and previously you had a dream that your cat was going to die and then a few days later it did.

Answer #1

Pray about it. thats my advice, you dont want to go through a friends death

Answer #2

They call it premonition or a sixth sense and it doesn’t necessarilly mean any close to you will die but it could be that you are having a hyper sense of things going on around you. I dreamnt I had a car crash and injured only my finger, a week later I did require stitches to my finger and several weeks later I did total my car, go figure.

Answer #3

I don’t think it means anything, I’ve dreamed of my parents dying for so many years and it hasn’t happened, I wouldn’t worry.

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