Death metal

I REALLY need some new death metal...
any suggestions?
I want stuff no older than 2000 please..
I'm just getting bored with my music because it really gets old after a while.
All suggestions appreciated!! =)

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Well suicide silence,
job for cowboy,
bring me the horizon,

Those are my favee!!
if you wanna no more just message me

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Despised Icon

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cancer bats, haha:D
they aren't really death metal...but more of hardcore.
but, you never know.
maybe you think different! lol

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demon hunter

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dimmu borgir

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thanks all! I do love Job For A Cowboy... Especially Entombment Of A Machine. Dimmu Borgir great as well. I love All That Remains, Suicide Silence and BMTH.
Most of them I began listening to last year. However... thank you aperfectcircle.. Who knew Canada could kickass! LOL
I do love Fashionable by Despised Icon!

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dimmu bogir,job for a cowboy...quite solid

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Try these:

-Scar Symmetry
-All That Remains
-Bleeding Through
-Omnium Gatherum
-Disarmonia Mundi

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