What happens when you die?

what do you think happens whene you die?

Answer #1

jimahl, surely you’re not ‘judging’ amblessed or silverwings !! - I will let you in on a little secret - your opinion of me means Nothing - my Lord’s opinion means Everything, so ‘judge’ away - make fun, scoff, criticize, belittle, practice blasphemy, curse, etc, just remember, ‘every’ knee will bow - I pray you meet Him before it’s too late for you…Take care !!

Answer #2

silverwings - don’t forget ‘the Book of Life’ will be opened: (contains the names of the Saved)

Rev 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Answer #3

According to the Bible, the person who has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior - it makes it clear for them: ‘to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord’…Hope this helps !!

Answer #4

The bible talks about a place called Abrahams bosom, where Lazareth went to when he died, which is the abode of the righteous dead, and the place where the rich man went to, called Hell, where the unrighteous go.

It also says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

Some think you go instantly into the presence of the Lord. Others think that your spirit is in a holding place, like the one mentioned above.

The bible talks about a resurrection from the dead, where the righteous dead receive their glorified bodies, like the one that Jesus had, after his resurrection.

Which ever way is right, we know for sure, that there will be a white throne judgement, where all men will stand before the Lamb, to be judged.

Then, he will say one of two things, enter into the rest that I have prepared for you, or depart from me, ye that work iniquity, I never knew you.

This will be a terribly sad day, for those who failed to receive what he so willingly offers.

After the judgement, comes the lake of fire. Where everything is burned up. No more hell, no more death, no more devil, no more sin. All will be brand new.

Then the New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven, this is where the redeemed of the Lord shall dwell with him, forever.

Today is the day of preparation.

Answer #5


No I’m not a mormon and I took no offense to your question.

I am a Deist and I believe in reincarnation.


  One who believes in the existence of a God, but denies revealed religion; a freethinker.  

de·ism (de’iz’?m, da’-) n.

The belief, based solely on reason, in a God who created the universe and then abandoned it, assuming no control over life, exerting no influence on natural phenomena, and giving no supernatural revelation.

  “God and Reincarnation?”

  I believe that God is a Creative Entity, Energy or Force that is found in a state of awareness outside of the universe and time.

I believe that God chose to morph part of Itself into minute particles of Itself described as entities or spirits and gave them the purpose to go forth and experience, gain knowledge and eventually return into the Oneness of God.

I believe that those collective entities created the universe and, utilizing evolution as a tool, created that that is life so that they could inhabit various bodies in order to gain experience and knowledge.

Prior to incarnating into a physical body the entity chooses what it wants to accomplish and what the probable circumstances involving that body and its environment will be. When the situation is right the entity then begins to dwell within the physical body, probably around the time of its birth.

When the body dies the entity dwells in a state of awareness where it can see whether it met its goals and what gains and losses it may have attached to its being. It then, again, decides what future goals it wants to achieve and reincarnates when the conditions are appropriate.

Ultimately, after incarnating as many times as necessary to attain its goals, the entity gravitates back into the Oneness of God adding to the fulfillment thereof.

I choose

I chose to be born, to live or die, Even the sex, that would be I; I chose the race, from which to appear, Also my wealth, my health and my fear.

I chose my trials and stumbling blocks, And the legs I would use, in all of those walks; I chose my sadness, my joy and my love, I chose to serve and not be above.

I chose this life with all of its dues, And with each dawn, again I choose; The experiences for me that wait ahead, To be alive, or be claimed dead.

And of the future lives I’ve yet, It is my choice that I begat; All the things, however pleasin’, That shall befall me in those seasons.

The above is my opinion which is expounded upon in my treatise A Search For Truth:


(If it’s not an active link then simply copy and paste it into your browser’s Address box.)


From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #6

im really sorry I misspelled mormon I didnt mean to ask if you were a mamon Im sorry I didnt really understand what you were tying to say I didnt mean to offend you I appolygise

Answer #7

Then you go straight to … Oh, I forgot! I’m Atheist!!! Booo, sorry, but you become worm food. How’s that for recycling!

(Too many exclamation points in my answer, so bye-bye.) Good Luck!!

(Drat, two more! ) Aaarrrgh

Answer #8

no one truely know’s what happens when we die we’ll all find out when we go but id like 2 think we go 2 a better place well part from like people who have done REALLY bad thinks

Answer #9


Answer #10

“What happens when you die?”

  When you die you simply “graduate” from one state of existence to the next along a path towards the eventual reunion of God.


What’s on the other side of death’s door?

  On the other side of death’s door is a state of awareness where we contemplate our life experiences. We decide where we have succeeded or failed in our intended goals of previous incarnations. We then decide when to incarnate again and under what conditions, probabilities and circumstances that incarnation will take place.

When all the necessary incarnations have taken place for us to attain our goals, we then gravitate back into the Oneness of God allowing for the fulfillment thereof.

Answer #11

Silverwings and amblessed are afflicted with the zealot disease. They cannot make any defense of their beliefs without bringing in dogma. The only thing they offer as proof of there belief system is a book written by men 1700 years ago. They can’t possibly discuss this in real world terms, because… well frankly, they don’t live their lives in the real world.

Answer #12

OMG take that religious crap somewhere else. Keep in mind there are people of all races and religions on this site. You pointing out scriptures from your “bible” is in a way condemning those who dont believe what you believe. So dont do it. Your god is no better than anyone else’s.

And well- I just dont believe in him/her.. whatever.

Answer #13

no ones going to give a good answer the two answers are that a. you die and go no where or b. you go have a playdate with god in heaven

now which dounds more realistic to you? thats what you should decide but personally, I think people should focus on life more than death

Answer #14

do you believe in myrecles?

Answer #15

omg foxxy you have completly answered my questions that was very good thanks a lot

Answer #16

They put you about 6 feet underground and worms eat you. I’m sorry!

Answer #17

and how do YOU know we all go to heaven and play with god and the little angels “superfresh”?

Answer #18

im jewish lol

Answer #19

or you could possibly go to where ever you’ve always thought you were meant to. heaven hell a castle I dont know whatever you’ve always imagined.

Answer #20

OK. you go and live with god and be happy! aka heaven! :] YAY!

Answer #21

OK. you go and live with god and be happy! aka heaven! :] YAY!

Answer #22

I dont think anything happens really. you just die. and thats it.

Answer #23

ethner are you a momon?

Answer #24

I personally believe you go wherever you will spend eternity. (heaven or hell.)

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