What happens after you die?

what happens after you die, liek what is there left beyond th elife you lived, and dont worry I am not going to kill myself or anything crazy, I am just confused… I AM NOT MORBID EITYHER.,

Answer #1

When you die, you die. Your body rots and decays, and soon you are a skeleton. A PILE OF BONES! =D

I like to believe we are reborn.. into the earth, or another person. Though I DO NOT have a real religion and I’m certainly not christain, so I don’t believe you go to a heaven/hell.

Just my thoughts.

Answer #2

After someone dies they become stiff as rigor mortis sets in. They decay and become part of the circle of life for other living things.

After we die our legacy lives on. Our offspring and our actions and ideas that have affected other people continue on.

Answer #3

Hello Chemialove,

In God’s word, the Bible, it tells us that when God created man, He made him from the dust of the earth, then He blew His breath into man’s nostrils and man became a living soul. When someone dies their body goes back to the earth, their spirit of God goes back to Him, and we cease being a living soul.

The Bible teaches us that the dead “sleep” and “know not anything”. There are 55 verses in the Bible that teach this concept. Upon Jesus Christ’s second coming, He will open the graves and the dead who died in Christ will rise first then Christ’s followers, who are alive when Jesus comes will also rise to meet the Lord in the air. He takes His people to heaven and the wicked will be destroyed.

After 1,000 years God will return with us and all of the heavenly angels. The earth will be made new just like in the beginning before sin. We have a very short time before probation closes, then the Lord God will come.

The Bible teaches us what signs to look for so we will be able to recognize Jesus’ soon coming…those signs are being fulfilled now. It won’t be long.

If you have any questions please fun mail me and I’ll do my very best to answer them. Blessings.

Answer #4

I guess nobody really knows.

Answer #5

Jesus said to the theif on the cross… This day, you will be with me in paradise.

because of his belief…

I would think that without faith, one would be most miserable.

Answer #6

What’s on the other side of death’s door?

  On the other side of death’s door is a state of awareness where we contemplate our life experiences. We decide where we have succeeded or failed in our intended goals of previous incarnations. We then decide when to incarnate again and under what conditions, probabilities and circumstances that incarnation will take place.

When all the necessary incarnations have taken place for us to attain our goals, we then gravitate back into the Oneness of God allowing for the fulfillment thereof.

Answer #7

I look at death optimistically. I think it’s the healthiest way to think about it. I’m a Christan, but I still have questions about what will happen after my soul leaves my body. I do believe in Heaven, Hell, and ghosts. So I wonder where my soul will go. Will it go to heaven, hell, or stay on Earth as a spirit? Either way, death is still beautiful in some ways because it’s the end of suffering (if the soul goes to heaven that is…). It’s not that I’m looking forward to dieing, but I’m not afraid of death as long as I get to live a long, happy, healthy life that will hopefully bring be closer to God so that I’ll ascend to heaven when I pass on.

Answer #8

When you die your body gets left behind to decompose while you “your spirit” goes to either heaven or hell

Answer #9

I like to think our souls are born again and we become a new person with a clean slate trying to start over again =]..I dont have one set of religon.. its just something I like to believe in

Answer #10

when you die you go to the astral planes wich there are seven of but you go to one of four because one plane is earth and the other two are unreachable do not listen to any religion just master astral projection and you will see it is true after that no one knows because that is not the stage of life but maybe the 2 unreachables are heaven and hell no one knows but yes after you die you go to one of the four planes astral project and you can visit these places no this is not a certain religion I have no religion only experiences so hope it helped

Answer #11

nothing, we are no different than any other living being…including plants. these religious folks want to live forever, I say we do because after death we decompose and become nutrients for other living creatures and plant life. this puts us in a never ending cycle because something from the deceased was used to create new life. this at least to me has a meaning rather than speculation about religious belief or any other theory that we are ‘recreated’ which means about as much to me as the easter bunny.

Answer #12

You cease to exist in any meaningful way at death. Nothing happens after that - just like before you came into existence.

Answer #13

when you die your soul live’s your body and go to God or the devil it depend’s on your deeds

Answer #14

Nothing whatsoever. You die and worms eat you.

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