What happens after death?

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According to the Bible, God's Word, where you spend eternity depends upon you - whether you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior - John 3 : 16, or reject this offer of Salvation - an excellent video that explains: http://www.jesus2020.com/video.html - you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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After death.. your eyes may close your toe and hand tied. may lay on floor or coffine. Sombody will cry if you r a good person. you are then will travel in an ambulance ie.your last vehichle.

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We become Shinigami (死神, Shinigami means literally "death god" or "God of Death") and go to the Shiningami Relam.

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you will live your same life again. it might take trillions of years but you would never notice anyway. the whole universe resets itself, and we start from square one again. and it will alway's repeat itself unless you believe in my theory. I don't know the spelling but deshavoo, lol. I've had some wicked cases of it, unexplainable cases. and I don't believe I am phycic, but rather I have lived my life before and retained some memories. I havn't had a case of it in a while so I believe I died before I reached how old I am now in my last life. but since I accepted this theory as my belief I am able to change my fate. so in a sense yes, you just die and decompose. but trillions or quazialians of years from now. we all will live the same lives again. time is infinate because its repetative. a trillion years pass as quick as a hart beat when we are not around. Did I blow anyones minds? I'll wright this same post a quazillian years from now, mabey you'll believe it then. actually, can you give me some input on my theory

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While you die, your body will flood your system with endorphins, making death a process pleasurable and entheogenic beyond comprehension. After that, who knows? Nobody has ever told us what the other side is like. Use your imagination and think of something comforting.

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In Christ, you will take your next breath with Him and be forever with Him.

If Christ is not your Savior, your next breath will not be in a good place.

Either way, we will live forever in Grace with God or in torment with Satan and wishing we were dead.

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It all depends on how long you live. I was born in 1977, and if I died today at 30 years old, I would be reborn in 1947 and live 30 years and die at the hospital that I was born at in 1977. That's what I believe, but I do smoke a lot of weed.

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Is there any credible reason to suspect it would be any different than what it was before you came to be?

The ancients had less knowledge than we do, not more. Their claims of various types of afterlife are obviously nothing but myth.

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after death people are taken to a place where they are purified and they are sent to another family as a baby.

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As others have stated, no one really knows, you have to be dead to know,many people say they saw a white light and jesus but that could have been their sub concious, or what they wanted to see. Everyone has a different experiance. All we do know is that before you die your whole life does flash before your eyes like a movie...

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No one really knows but people believe all sorts of things. Here are some things that some people believe:
1-Nothing happens. You die, your body decomposes. That's it. The end.
2-You go to heaven or hell. Simply put, this usually revolves believing in a Deity or Deities and depends on whether you were a good or bad, you get to go to one or the other.
3-You re-incarnate and live again. Or if you are really enlightened you attain Nirvana which is like becoming one with the universe.
4-Anything is possible. Some people don't see the point in defining what happens since they will only know when it happens.

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Depends what you believe.
Personally I believe your spirit leaves your body and you go to heaven or not.

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All we know is what we can observe from the physical remains of a human corpse.

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you become worm food...

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I think that when you die, your good side goes to hevan and you bad side goes to hell or just stayes on earth.

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