When dealing with college students for physical education, what sport would you recommend to teach?

i am helping at a college when i am not doing my real job and i was wondering what sport would be good to teach to young students to keep them intrested in sport. so what sport do you enjoy? and what sport would you suggest to get the students invold in?

Answer #1


i prefer rugby to football and thats real football and not the shite americans play http://funadvice.com/r/15414v8069r

teach them rugby and remember you cant throw the ball forward but you can kick it forward..

i tell you what its harder than the football offside rule haha

Answer #2

yh i love rugby and that would be easy for me to teach, since i am part of a rugby team and adore the sport but i have to say i also love football and play for a team :) thanks for ya answer.

Answer #3

i cant wait for september and teh world cup :D

i tell you what though rugby is the sport no body knows about till the world cup which is a shame :(

your welcome

Answer #4

I think americans have it right, teach them football. :D Or Kick ball.

Answer #5

Ultimate Frisbee! everyone can play! and it’s really fun. It can be competitive or just fun!

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