Can i get a dealer's license with a felony record?

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What type of dealer? Car dealer? Yes. Firearms (FFL) ? No.

If you have a non violent felony there is a way to get an FFL. You must first check with your lawyer to see what your state laws are concerning expungement of your felony record. In most cases it takes seven years from the time of your last P.O. appointment. It would do you well to get a letter from your P.O. stating that you did all that was required. You will also need to keep clean and out of trouble for all of that time.Once you fulfill all the requirements your lawyer can petition A judge to have your rights restored. It may take some time and the first judge may turn the petition down. Don't get discouraged. These things can take some time.

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is there a way to get a dealer license with a felony

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