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How do I deal with my teenage children being involved in gangs?

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I have four children between the ages of 14 and 17 all living at home with me- Leyland- 17, Riley- 16, Dustin- 15 and Jared- 14.. I am a single parent and often struggle with the raging hormones of the teenage years, as well as having four younger children. Leyland, Riley, Dustin and Jared are all heavily initiated in gang culture. We live in quite a rough area where there is street crime/street gangs as well as organized crime and postcode gangs. I know that Leyland, my oldest, became involved when he was 13 in one of the most feared gangs in our area, not because of lack of love or respect within the family, or need for more money or things. He got in with the wrong crowds and they lead him astray. Being close in age, his brothers were close to follow. I know Leyland, Riley, Dustin and Jared are all good kids at heart, they are never violent or very badly behaved at home, they are loving and look after their other siblings. They seem to be different people when they are at school or out on the streets. I have tried breaking them away from the gang (which I shall not name) everything from grounding them to having early curfews, from moving areas to changing schools. Nothing works. I know that the extent of the crimes committed range from just hanging around looking intimidating and doing graffiti to beating people up, shoplifting to killing. But I am not sure how involved they are. They were a part of the summer riots. I also know that drug dealing is a problem and they smoke. They regularly truant from school. Even though underage, they all have the gangs name tattooed on their bodies. They also wear the gangs colours. One of my worries is that my 13 and 10 year old, as well as my 8 and 5 year old later on, will get dragged into the gang culture too, following their brothers like Riley, Dustin and Jared did with Leyland. I am really looking for any opinions/suggestions on what to do or any experiences. General help and advice really please. I am at my wits end, thank you very much.