How can I deal with the pain in my sinuses?

I went to the doc we found out what it was but she wont give me anything for the pain til I see a ENT which i cant til dec 20th the pain really hurts and its like that all the time and its worse in the cold and pain pills dont help

Answer #1

For now try and put our head over a bowl of hot water and breath in the steam. There are some salt water nasal sprays that can help relieve the pain. If all else fails just take some paracetamol until you see the specialist.

Answer #2

Hot showers always helped me. You can also try some over the counter sinus decongestants so see if you can break up the congestion, which is usually what causes the pain. Just make sure and drink lots of water when taking decongestants as they can dehydrate you. Also Vic’s always has helped me break up congestion, at least temporarily.

You can also rinse your sinuses out with a saline solution (aka salt water) you can make it yourself or some pharmacies sell large jugs of it. You get one those little squirter things too (smaller rubber thing kinda reminds me of a turkey baster, just smaller) and squirt the crap up one nostril while holding the other one in and breathing in through your nose. Then hold close the nostril you shot the stuff up and breath out the other one. You want the stuff at room temp when doing this also, and the first few times it may burn like none other, but if done right you will be surprised the amount of gunk that comes out :P

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