How to deal with stomach pains from starving myself?

How do I deal with the stomach pains when I am starving myself???

Answer #1

Your body is talking to you - Listen - it is vital for this engine to run properly.

Answer #2

Depends on if you are trying a new diet where you are just trying to cut back on eating so much, and are trying to adjust to the change, or if you are becoming anorexic. If you are developing an eating disorder, you should ‘eat something’, and maybe go to a counselor before you get worse. If it is the other, coffee (nonfat, if you are trying to lose weight) is a good appetite suppressant (you can drink up to 3 cups a day and it is considered healthy)… drinks that are good for you like Fuse and other fruity smoothie drinks could help… slimfast optimum (I think thats what it is called!)… there are some healthy vitamins you could try to supress your appetite… just please don’t start junking up your body with unhealthy diet pills and other “lose weight fast” scams, they are temporary and harmful! Good luck with your diet or recouperation!

Answer #3

Your profile puts you as a 29 year old lady. Please quit asking questions a jr. high girl would ask. If you are normal overweight or obese, exercise and eat right. If you are morbidly obese you may well need to see a doctor for a surgical evaluation.

Answer #4

Bimjob, anorexia is not just a junior high school problem, and it’s not just a female problem. Both men and women of all ages can be affected by anorexia, and it’s a very serious disease.

To Daylis, I’m not sure how long you’ve had this disease, or how serious it is, but I’m sure you know it can kill you, and sooner than you might think. Aside from starving to death, anorexia makes you more tired, and you can even just pass out. Wouldn’t want that to happen while driving or cooking, would you?

You should see a doctor.

Answer #5

Here’s how you fix it. Eat SOMETHING!!! Don’t starve yourself.

Answer #6

Lets see Ms.Obvious… Eat something? Damn im smart. I deserve a prize for that one.

Answer #7

Try Eating ;]

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