Dams and Salmon

Do you think…it would be alright to get rid of a dam? I mean…it would save like…a lot of salmon… Or do you care about salmon?

Answer #1

salmon are cool I’ve been to a dam and many fish die going through it
I care about nature and our earth I believe the dam should go

Answer #2

I care about all living things, so we need to help the Salmon!:) Not very nice Spartan512… I believe that we should not fool with what God made, and one of those things is nature. Dams can cause a lot of damage to the wildlife. I think we need to leave nature the way it was when God made it, but if an animal is going to become almost extinct, we need to help there. We always need to help animals.

Answer #3

Tell us more. Is this a dam that is providing drinking water, or hydroelectric power, or what?

Answer #4

Well… Salmon is nasty aways. So I wouldn’t care less.

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