Answer #1

I do not know much about him but as fas as I know He was A wise man who used his given gift for humanity. Dalai Lama means patience to me

Answer #2

The Dalai Lama is a great man who promotes peace and compasion. He is a Buddist and is ment to live in Tibet. He’s been living in exile since the chinese invaded Tibet. There should be more people like him running some of these countries of the world.

Answer #3

he is an epic sage. well he is an important historical figure, just like ghandi, and mlk. very interesting person.

Answer #4

As a Buddhist, he is my great teacher and leader..similar to the Christian Pope. There can only be one Dalai Lama ever, and he is not chosen, he is found in each lifetime. I hold a high reverence for him.

Answer #5

I’ve been reading one of his books lately. That’s why I asked. Really profound stuff! If it weren’t that I believe in God I’d skip over to Buddhism lol. Why hasn’t there ever been a mix before? Like Buddhism with God?

Answer #6

he has reincarnated 14times he is buhdist and he I enlightened so he does not feel suffering anymore

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