How to let my Dad's girlfriend know I hate her?

how can I let my dads girlfriend know I hate her without being mean about it?

Answer #1

well I remember when I used to tell my mum that I hate something, my mum would tell me that, “hate isn’t a nice word, say dislike instead.” So judging from that small piece of advice, I’m deducting that dislike must be a nice word, so instead, how bout you say, “I dislike you.” to her. lol, just joking. Some of theses pieces of advice seem alright, but their really given to you, with out any background. Tell us why you hate her, so we can give you the most accurate and best piece of advice possible.

Answer #2

Hating some one is easy why don’t you stop be jealous of her and try some how to be friends. Life would be a whole lot easier and you will not have feelings of angry in you or your family. Show that you are bigger than petty jealousies and be friendly. As a man said one time after he was beaten by the cops.

                                 "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG"
Answer #3

Dear andrewd93, Why would you want to tell her??? This would hurt your dad would it not? Sometimes there are people in our lives we don’t care for but we don’t go telling them this because it serves no purpose. Chances that you will like any of your dads girlfriends are nil anyways. Try to be mature about it for your dad. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

just have a STANK attitude,lol, j/p.. you shouldnt do that, I would consider you should just be nice to her, BUT. when she starts being rude, reverse that. :]

Answer #5

hahaha there is no nice way to do that. just tell her you don’t want her dating you dad and you don’t like her AT ALL. don’t say hate and don’t swear or scream…

Answer #6

if your dad is happy with her dont mess things up for him unless your a biyach then go for it

Answer #7

well why be nice just flat out tell her I mean you can tell her nicly but it dosnt really mater how you tell her she will probly be mad eather way

Answer #8

Go up to her.say “Dont take this the wrong way but I dont like you”and walk away.

Answer #9

I vote talk to your dad. don’t be rude, and dont expect him to dump may just be you hate the way your dad acts around her. I don’t know if that’s your problem, but that’s the reason I haven’t liked my parents past boyfriend and gfs. try not to see her as your dads girlfriend, and see her as a person. if you really dont like her ask your dad to keep out of your life. it’s the least he can do.

Answer #10

Well, first of all I need to know how far you are willing to go with this hate? You don’t want to just punch her or something, because then all the hate will be gone forever. What you want to do is to build up the hate, and let it grow inside you…consume you…and here’s where the commitment plays in. Does your dad’s girlfriend have a pet? Can that pet be persuaded to turn on her? Are you willing to undergo plastic surgery, and pretend to be a long lost sister from Russia? Are you willing to hire a band of Vietnamese mercenaries to stage a tragic piano accident? Are you? ARE YOU??

Answer #11

I have the exact same problem and I really think that you should just ignore her, live your life as though she doesn’t bother you, and tell your dad for sure, but be nice to his girlfriend, just don’t let her under your skin, and remember: you are better than her, and she’s the one who needs you to like her.

Answer #12

Do you not like your Dad’s new girlfriend because you think it will upset your Mum because thats just silly,You have a right to like this woman,and I’m sure shes not trying to take your mothers place,and this could be an advantage.Just treat her like your friend,and she will pay you back with clothes,gifts days out,ect,Plus your dad will be happy.

Answer #13

I don’t believe you should say your hate her or let her know… as its your dads realship im sure his happy and anything said will up set everyone. although I think you should let her know your not the best of friends and work it out rather then her think you great friends and making you feel important. hope it feels..x

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