Cute Bibles(:

Ok, so my Bible is getting kinda old and I wanted a new one. Where can I find a cute Bible? Like some of my friends have like ones with polka dots, ext. Mine did too but I need a new cute one(:

Help Please(: Btw, if your gunna tell me how you believe the Bible isnt true, and all that bull shi* then dont even bother, you cant change my faith(:

(im Christian) (:

Answer #1

umm.. lifeway I think is a good place to search.

Answer #2

Your local Christian book store - if they don’t have it, they can order it - keep watching, looking up !!

Answer #3

Thanks girls, I’ll try those out(:

Answer #4

yoiu can go to a christain bible store

Answer #5

I think you should go to ebay!! :D lol

also, google “custom made bibles” and some sites will come up where you can put whatever design you want on it!!! its pretty awesome :D

good luck!

-Love Christina

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