Do you believe in curses or being cursed?

Why or why not?

Answer #1

Maybe. I believe it’s possible. I know lots of people are probably going to disagree but I believe in all kinds of magic. I never tried it myself but you never know. I believe there can be some people who actually have the power to do those kind of things

Answer #2

same here i believe in all that stuff and idgaf to those who think im insane for believeing that lol

Answer #3

I think curses are real, in being cursed is a different story, i think that you’d have to have a very strong “muchness (as i quote from alice)” to put that much energy for anger and hate or any emotion for that matter and use it in a bad way is well stupid, ill conceived, and a complete waste of energy. And anyone who was powerful enough to put a curse on you is probably not going to waste their time on you, no offence or anything.

Answer #4

oh and sorry if this makes no sense i’ve had mountain dew and Tylenol pm, i’m a bit out of it

Answer #5

No, but I believe in karma

Answer #6

I’m not sure if I believe in curses or not because I haven’t actually been around people who take pert in those rituals. However I respect it all because it’s people’s religion.

Answer #7


Answer #8

I’m with Moe on this.

Answer #9


Answer #10

No. There is no evidence consistently linking the act of cursing a person to that person experiencing said curse.

Answer #11

I don’t believe in curses at all.

Answer #12

Curses are as real as you and me. I’ll tell you like my “holy-roly” mother told me, just like god gave his kids the powers propheci, heal, and protect themselves from the enemy. Lucifer gave his children the ability to see into the future, see the dead, be a medium, and curse those who threaten or anger them. Therein lies the makeup of the universe, and the obvious eternal war bewtween Gods peeps, and satans peeps.

Answer #13

Were locked in this crazy death dance. Thats been like happening for ages. God gives us something, then the devil gives his kids something. Its adn eternal showcase of who’s puppets are better.

Answer #14


Answer #15

No. Karma is what ii think… What comes around goes around

Answer #16

yes they are real my friend is always cursing and all of her curses happened ): i don’t agree with what is she doing but …..

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