Who has a curfew and how old are you ?

Also do you have curfews during the week and or on the weekend ?

Answer #1

I am 17, never had a curfew.

Answer #2

nice:-) do you get along with your parents ?

Answer #3

i never had a curfew even when i was younger. I didnt go to parties much anyway, and if its late or i cant go home, i just stay until the morning.

Answer #4

Yes I do. :)

Answer #5

ah ok kool. nice.

Answer #6


Answer #7

Im older now, but when i was under 18 and living with my parents my curfew was 10 o clock on school nights and 1 o clock on weekends. Once i turned 18 i didnt have a curfew

Answer #8

I’m 15 and I have a curfew of 8 o clock week days weekends and all summer…sux right…

Answer #9

ah ok. did u have any friends that had a curfew once they where 18?

Answer #10

your 15 its ok , talk to them about it. i have a friend who is 19 and has curfews.

Answer #11

:) My parents are pretty laid back. They allowed my bf to come live with me…but only because they know that we are really in love…and we can’t stand being apart.

Answer #12

As I’m 22 now I do not have a curfew. When I was 15 my curfew was 9pm, however. When I was 16 my curfew was 10pm, and when I was 17 my parents raised it to 11pm.

My parents always tried their best to make sure we got into no trouble, lol.

Answer #13

I’m 15 and I don’t have a curfew, which sort of sucks >.< lol.

Answer #14

im 17 and my curfew is 10, but ill come home at 11ish and my parents dont say anything

Answer #15

16 nd as long as I give my parents the heads up my parents r usually fine about any time but if I jus go out for the night nd don’t call I’m expected to be home by 11ish

Answer #16

im 16 and my curfew is 8:30 its stupid huh

Answer #17

16 curfew is 12 am on days when i dont have school the next day and 10 pm when i do have school

Answer #18

that suckkkkssss hahaha :P

Answer #19

Even worse. I have a bed time. -.- 10 pm.

And i have to be home by 7.

Answer #20

btw i’m 13

Answer #21

i never had a curfew. my parents trusted me not to be too stupid. there were nights where i stayed out til 230 when i was 14 haha. good times haha

Answer #22

thats very nice of them , I know some parents wouldnt let that happen.

Answer #23

lol , y do u think it sucks ? does it make u feel ur parents dont care about u ?

Answer #24


Answer #25

The only age I had a curfew was when I was younger up until 14, after that, I stopped getting one.

Answer #26

curfew ???? oh yeh i had one then my mum realised that it didnt work and :D no curfew :)


Answer #27

connor your 16 :P silly :P


Answer #28

Oh sh!t!!!!! D:!!! I am 16….. : / blush UMMMM…yeah :/ And I know my parents dont care about me, lol

Answer #29

Oh sh!t!!!!! D:!!! I am 16….. : / blush UMMMM…yeah :/ And I know my parents dont care about me, lol

Answer #30

:L and :( suckish :(


Answer #31

i dont mean tht i have a curfew i mean it sux tht im 15 and have to be home at 8:00p.m. no matter wht the circumstances

Answer #32

im 14 and my curfew is about 7pm im not allowed out alot and to be honest i dont like going out that much because theres so many stabbings where i live it scares me…

Answer #33

its ok , talk to your parents about this. I have a friend who is 19 and has curfews.

Answer #34

when you turned 18 what happened ?

Answer #35

ah ok , do u want them 2 care about u?

Answer #36


Answer #37

lol ah i c…

Answer #38

ah ok , better to be safe and sound.

Answer #39

16 & i have no curfew.

Answer #40

im 17 my curfew is 11 -.- its a joke!

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