What's a curent event related to geography?

I’d really appreciate it if anyone could suggest a site i could find this on.

Answer #1

What about the formation of what appears to be a new ocean, in Ethiopia?

Answer #2

I’d prefer somthing happening in the U.S

Answer #3

The nightly news or a newspaper or type in the newspaper name and city and state on google,is where you can find this info. Recently, Hurricane Igor caused flooding in Corpus Cristi,Tx., Pakistan was recently hit with massive flooding due to the Monsoon season,which hits each year. The Ice Caps are melting and have not returned this season, soon enough,due to Global Warming and are affecting the Seal populations in Antartica. They have no floating ice to lay on and are trampleing their young and other seals when they try to get into the water in larger groups.

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