can someone explain what this geography question means?

For a natural Hazard event that you have studied name and locate the natural hazard event (im doing the Kobe earthquake) with reference to specific place detail,describe and explain the causes of the event

im confused with what that means can someone explain it?

Answer #1

See if you can find out what were the causes for the earthquake. Usually after an earthquake there are some facts or assumptions of what the cause may have been and what effects. In the case of the Kobe earthquake you have to research the following:

Causes Assumptions Effects Solutions

Answer #2

causes refers to what caused the quake i.e. you could name the specific tectonic plates that shifted. You can also explain how earthquakes in general happen and what types you get.

I would say that a tsunami would give you more to write about, because you get different reasons for them.

Answer #3

it has to be one that we studied in class or its either the kobe earthquake or haiti earthquake. thanks…i start the question right away! :D

Answer #4

thank you.

Answer #5

Sure your welcome. Good luck.

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