Are there cultures or whatever where women generally have facial hair?

if so what are they?

Answer #1

Womens hormones generally stop women from producing facial hair in the way that a man does - regardless of their culture our bodies run the same. However, in poorer cultures where medical needs arent met as well like they are in countries like ours when the women go through menopause they dont recieve hormone pills and will grow facial hair as they age.

Answer #2

no ,,,, none of the cultures encorage women having facial hair, Facial hair is a secondary sex characteristic in human males.Women are also capable of developing facial hair, especially after menopause, though typically significantly less than men.Women typically have little hair on their faces, apart from eyebrows and the vellus hair that covers most of their bodies. However, in some cases, women have noticeable facial hair growth, most commonly after menopause. Excessive hairiness (especially facially) is known as hirsutism, and is usually an indication of atypical hormonal variation. In contemporary western culture, many women shave, tweeze or otherwise depilate facial hair which does appear, as there is considerable social stigma associated with facial hair in women and freak shows and circuses historically displayed bearded women.

Answer #3

is it like bad if a woman has a little facial hair? not like so bad they’re considered a freak tho.

Answer #4

no ita not bad …. negligible amount is considered common

Answer #5

okaay thanks :)

Answer #6

if a woman shaves her face she can get facial hair and no hormones stop that…just thought I would say that but I dont know about your question.

Answer #7

okaayy haha thankss

Answer #8

okaay thanks for answering my question :)

Answer #9

Umm i would say that people from the Indian background have facial hair or tend to be more hairier because it runs in their like whole nationality thing.

Answer #10

okaay thannk youu

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