What does it take to be a csi investigator?

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Firstly I have to point out you asked about being a crime scene investigator invesitgator. The first thing you have to realise is that it is NOTHING like on tv. Its not glamourous, it can be pretty messy, and you do not walk around with those stupid little torches they all seem to carry. And it depends what area you want to get into. They pretty much all involve science, but some aspects involve more biochemistry (like lab work, testing DNA etc), some more physics (eg ballistics) and others more inorganic chemistry (testing paint, etc). You need to be observant, organised, and you need to be able to detatche yourself from nasty situations.

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honestly i think its pretty hectic u have to be in RCMP or any police service before you join right?

I'm really thinking of becoming one as i really do love sciences, and i work good under a lot of pressure

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blood doesn't freak me out at all.. ahha

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blood doesn't freak me out at all.. ahha

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CSI investigator XD It's like when people say PIN number.

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haha i never thought of that!

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And about the police thing, not as far as I know, atleast not where i am, and not for all aspects. In my country forensic investigation is carried out by a company independant of the police and government.

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ohh tru in my area u have to be a cop first..

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