Why cant i cry?

i feel like i am, but im not. i only cry if its something like closer to me. like i most likely wouldnt cry if my mom died, even if i wanted to

Answer #1

Crying isnt the only way to show emotion or deal with things. While some people cry and turn on the waterworks, others may use humor, music, writing, art, etc to deal with their emotions and show them. Just be sure your doing something and not holding it all in.

Answer #2

Every morns differently, I have trouble showing physical emotion, even if I am really hurt inside. I do not think it is a bad thing, but people may think you are callas and cold.

Answer #3

they do, i also have problems showing sympathy. i just dont feel it. that doesnt exactly help either

Answer #4

I do not know how to help you with this, but more than likely this is a self defense you have put up do defend yourself from pain. I do not know how I can tell you to help yourself, I do not know how to help myself.

Answer #5

To follow. I feel that sometime I have to fake emotion.

Answer #6

i think sometimes u just shut yourself to the outside world….shut urself to feel what you should be feeling….but i guess as right now you are 14..you obviously cry or hurt about things which you personally care about..but i guess later on..with all the drama in this world…things eventually make u emotional, even over little stuff.. but i dont think its wrong or weird dat u cant just cry.

Answer #7

Morgn, I feel the same as you. When someone dies, it’s like it doesn’t even phase me (unless I really love them, and we’re extremely close)…I also don’t feel sympathy for people I am not close to…it’s just like “whatever”. :/

If you need to talk to someone who feels the same, and know what you are talking about…you can FunMail me. :] I would love to talk.

Answer #8

you might be a sociopath

Answer #9

you might be a sociopath

Answer #10

you might be a sociopath

Answer #11

gee…THATS esteem boosting,

Answer #12

Im the opposite. I would cry about everything, well sometimes. Maybe youre just tougher than most, youre not emotional so what? if you dont cry, it doesnt mean youre heartless. As long as you care, thats what matters you just show it differently

Answer #13

People are different, and they respond to things in many different ways. I am the opposite - I cry over everything, happy or sad. 29 people I didnt know died in my country last week and I cry just thinking about it. Mandyloo is right - as long as you are not holding everything in, there is no one right way to deal with emotions.

Answer #14

I felt the same way when my grandfather died. i mean , we were close, but Its like my body went into shock. At the funeral, I used to bring gum and tic tacs to chew, or bite my nails. I turned to music, I would come home and blast music in my ears. I even felt physically ill, and couldn’t go to the burial, so I just went home.

Answer #15

I used music to block out the world when My Grandfather died. Its like the music is always there for you, holding you up and being your crutch.

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