Does anyone else cringe when they see the question "what should I ask for for Christmas"?

Maybe it’s just me, but every time I see that question, I just think about the greed…I was raised never to ask for anything and to be grateful for what I was given…when someone asks that question, I always want to tell them to ask for something noble, like giving donations in their name to a charity, or adopting an endangered animal….

Answer #1

Yes times 10

Answer #2

I agree with being grateful for what youre given, but I dont see the harm in asking for something specific, I see a problem in throwing a fit if you dont get it, but it doesnt hurt to ask.

Answer #3

Yes, especially 2 days before Christmas -.-

Answer #4

Yeah same here. I don’t get anything. I got my gift two months ago so what’s the point haha plus I don’t even ask. I’d rather my sister get something which is always the case cuz she gets whatever she wants and I just sit there and watch her open the presents lmao

Answer #5

i would tell them to ask for world peace or to go e nice to that one person they hate. something they can actively do that would help other people instead of being material.

Answer #6

i could careless about gifts for xmas, i just like being with my family. i am lucky enough to have a close family that gets along. so holidays we just get together and have a good time. gifts are not important

Answer #7

I do. When I was younger we didn’t really have much money. We were also taught to value anything we got, even if smalll or if it was not a ‘new and awesome’ thing. We didn’t ask for anything, I still don’t. I’d be fine just having my family together and safe for the holidays.

Answer #8

Yes.when we were kids we got used to be happy with whatever our Dad buy,s for us on christmass.but now its optional for kids.when i see my little brothers asking things for christmass like that.i get shocked.time,s changed.

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Answer #10

Totally agree, love this answer.

Answer #11

well, xmas is for giving not receiving but try telling that to desperate teenagers that want what their parents cant afford.

i couldnt give a rats arse about xmas to be honest.

Answer #12

yea. some kids are mad when dey get nothing. for me im okay i mean its about christmas not presents. actually i dont even consider christmas like that. i consider it like god’s birthday. i also appreciate what i have

Answer #13

psst i also love this awenser. i was raised this way too.

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