What credits do I need to earn to get into culinary school?

I want to take these classes because I cannot cook, to save my own life. And I can’t always be dependent on my momma’s cooking or fast food. So what credits do I need to earn before I get to college, if any credits. Is culinary school an extra class or something?

Answer #1

It’s a major in college and all you really need is hospitality & tourism and culinary arts. But there are cooking classes outside of college which could help you out if you’re just taking it to learn how to cook.

Answer #2

What’s the whole reason for taking culinary class if you are doing it more than just learning how to cook (like moi)

Answer #3

Some people love cooking for other people and seeing the expression they recieve from a great meal and how you can make different flavours from the simplest of ingredients. They would like to cook for other people as a career and work in restaurants, ofcourse they do get the benefit of learning how to cook.

Answer #4

Before I entered culinary school I needed Math and English (that might be different for you in the US). Surprising enough, a cooking class in high school was not a requirement, and it’s easy to see why - culinary school trains you to be a professional chef, whereas any cooking class, in or out of school, teaches you the basics for home cooking….they are quite different.

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