What will CPS do to my friend if her newborn tested positive for lortab In Kentucky?

Anyone been thru this before??

Answer #1

They could take the baby away. I think they can have him the baby back if she goes to drug clases and works to get rid of her problem. But it wont be something minor.

Answer #2

I cant say I know anything about laws in Kentucky, but I expect a lot of it would depend on whether she had a prescription. As far as I know hydrocodone is prescribed occasionally to pregnany women. Without a prescription she could lose custody.

Answer #3

C.P.S. will come to the hospital to interview your friend. They will be looking at the big picture. Where your friend lives, who she lives with, her support system, financial stability, mental stability, ability to care for infant, whether or not the infant has siblings, whether or not your friend has a history with C.P.S. and more. Some mothers in this situation leave the hospital with their babies and some do not. 85 percent of infant’s taken from their mothers are returned to their mothers if the mother is cooperative and follows the plan for improvement. Example plan: attend therapy, attend parenting classes, find stable home, maintain employment for 6 months, attend rehab. If your friend does not get to take her baby home, the infant will be discharged to a licensed foster home. Your friend will be able to visit her baby…probably for an hour a week. If she is allowed to take the baby home, C.P.S. will be making unannounced visits to her home to monitor the safety of the infant, and the mother will be given a list of things that she is expected to do if she wants to keep her baby. Hope this helps. :)

Answer #4

From what I’ve seen this is basically the procedure. Although here we give newborns and their moms three to six hours a week to help with the bonding and what not if the baby is taken away. I’ve also seen some babies returned to parents while they are in rehab (again, these are people with perfect attendance, who are following all the rules). And then at the end of the day it is up to the judge. Some judges do the stupidest things against recommendations. They’ll give the crazy parents back their kids, and remove the hard working ones from their home. The system sucks and it is far from perfect.

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