How can i cover up a big red birthmark on my leg?

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Try some makeup, that works good

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Like how big? Maybe u cud try body makeup

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My nephew has a giant pizza shaped birthmark on his leg. He doesn't mind it. Everyone moves along about their business. I don't think you can hide it. With makeup, but you could probably hide with long dresses, skirts, wear jeans. Or put a giant band-aid on it.

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You can use coverup/stuff that makes your skin look clear, but I don't think you should hide it. Your born with it, it makes you unique, & your gonna be stuck with it for life, so why not embrace it. (: I have a pink birthmark on my lower back & it's not visible & i wish it was. D:

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It is really biq & you can see it riqht away. Its like half of my left leg.

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I wud stick with makeup them

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Easy get some cover up and breakk it to get the powder and then but layers of it on your leg

sheer cover, bare minerals, bare essentials?
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Thats wat my mom tells me but its emberassinq & she doesnt know how it feels to be sad and even cryinq about it. I dont join any sports cuz you have to were shorts & im always wearinq pants Even if its really hot outside.

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wear socks that cover half or your whole legs.

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wat kind of make up?

Leg Pores :(
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Why would you need to?

Amazing legs? What?
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its just a birthmark though, it shouldn't bother you that much. no ones gonna critisize you for it, i'm sure people won't even say anything.

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Best answer

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Its qood that he doesnt mind it. i wish i could me cool about it like him but im not. :[

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dont be ashamed of what god intended you to have. as twiddlemuffin said, embrace it! i know a boy who has a dark brown birth mark down the whole half side of his right cheek and it doesnt bother him. and i have one on the side of my stomache. Im pretty sure everyone has a birthmark somewere so dont worry about trust me :)

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Maybe try to go to a doctor and see if he/she can give you something so it fades away.

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I would truly understand if the people trying to talk you into living with it also had one. You can get it removed by laser treatment - if it's a portwine stain it may not remove it all, but it will be much less intense. Talk to a dermatologist and fine out how much it'll cost. There is a bit of discomfort involved - I had removed from my upper lip and that's a sensitive area. But do look into it, you have options.

I never liked the attention I got from my birthmark. -

-"You have jam above your mouth"
-"is that a cold sore?"
-"Is it contagious?"
-"What IS that????"

I would guess these aren't the same cheerleaders who are championing you to keep it, but you never know. Sorry for being so harsh to the other respondents, but if this results in a higher self esteem for you, I'd say do it.

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you could try using dermablend
its for tattoos but it work for anything like birthmarks, bruises,etc.

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How visible is it? Like when you wear shorts do people see it?? Well...obviously, or you wouldn't be asking-right? o_O
You could try makeup.
If it's a birthmark, you shouldn't worry about covering it up. Everyone has they can' say anything bad about it. |:

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I would use foundation if you are really uncomfortable with it, but you shouldnt be ashamed of how you look.

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I would use foundation if you are really uncomfortable with it, but you shouldnt be ashamed of how you look.

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Wash it well, then apply some foundation (it needs to match your skin rwally well). Use a little blush (same as skin) or eyeshadow to leave a natural look to it. If it is higher up on your leg, wear pants or a cute skirt. For lower down marks, knee high socks (paired with a skirt and sweater) is the way to go.

If you don't want to do all that, embrace it! People who point or tease aren't your friends. People who stick by you can stand up for you are.

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