Could war be ended for good?

Do you believe that there is no reason for war?

Answer #1

Its hard enough to get 10 people to agree on one thing, let alone the entire world. And in order to have world peace, everyone would have to be willing to participate. That will simply never, ever happen.

Answer #2

do you think the world could establish peace?

Answer #3

I think their reason is to see who’s the “bigger man” type situation, but I think its dumb. Like I said in your other question, nothing good is coming out of it.

Answer #4

To me there was no ‘legitimate’ reason

Answer #5

Nope, there are so many differences that will probley never be sorted out.

Answer #6

War being ended? Depends. No matter what we do, we cannot create a world without hatred. And it is, indeed, hatred that creates war. Wether it’s a war between two people, two countries, or everyone here, on Earth. Hopefully, we will be long gone before another world war happens..

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