Could you be pregnant wihtout pissing your period?

I hate the idea of thinking im pregnant...

But a few months ago. I aas playing with my boyfriend. We were both in our underwear. I was on top. There was no sex just playing. He c*mmed a little. But in his underwear. And when I went to the bathroom the outside of my panties were wet. And I kept telling myself its me. Not c*m. and the next week I got my period. And didnt think much of it. Next month. Got it again. Now its august. And I shoudl get it in the 20's-ish.

But like 2 nights ago. I got a throbby feeling maybe 3 inches above my pelvic bone and it felt weird.

And I keep saying im not pregnant. I cant be.

I told my boyfriend yesterday morning. And he says hes buying me a test and I say I cant do a test because I cant have anyone find out...

Is it possible to get your period. Not feel sick, no mood swings. Not feeling hungry. No cravings. No nothing? I mean... Chea I've gained like 10 lbs in 2 months... But... Meh I got lazy...

Pleeease help me. I cant take a test

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its possible that sperm can soak through your undies
so theres is a small chance that you could be pregnant
especially if they didnt cover everything
you need to be more educated about this
you cant just put it aside and hope that your not pregnant
hopeing doesnt do anything but give you a usually false sense of security
if you want the cold hard facts, find out properly
a pregnancy test will do that
no one will know you took the test, you just pee on a little plasttic thing...its not that hard
one your finished with it you throw it away
no one will ever know you took one exept the person who bought it for you
(possibly someone else who did some snooping in your bins I dont know)
but be sensible...a test will give you the answers...
and yes, you can still get pregnant even if you have your period
and some women show no signs of pregnancy up untill they actual labour

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I don't think you're pregnant he had his underwear on you had your on.That's pretty much one of the safest sex method I've heard.It's not good to get sperm on your vagina without a condom.Because of std's but it's not likely you're pregnant.

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Its possible to have bleeding in early pregnancy but there's a slim chance it would have been when you expected your period - also it wouldn't have lasted and there would have barley been any blood if you were pregnant. Also its unusual for a woman to ovulate that close to her period so there's another factor against the face of being pregnant. I'm about 90% sure you are safe - the reasons why you are having those pains is because you are worried.

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you have to actually have intercourse.
a little cum on your panties.
no biggy.

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