Could I get pregnant even though my partner always pulls out?

Is there chances that I might be pregnant even though everytime that I have sex with my boyfriend he always pulls out and then he wipes his penis with towels and then I go to the restroom and I wipe myself and then after a while we do it again and we do the same thing again he pulls out and he cleans himself and I do too. My period has been late for 3 months already. If he started coming inside of me on november 21,2009 how long would it take for me to get pregnant?

Answer #1

I’ll bet a million bucks you can!

Answer #2

YES At your age you should know that, sex eduaction should teach you that Use condoms or the pill or both

Answer #3

Yes! Of course

Answer #4

There is Pre ejaculation, some men do not feel when it happens so its hard to control. Even though you and him wipe down their might still be traces. It depends when you ovulate, try taking a pregnancy test for precaution.

Yes their is a chance, use protection you dont want a unwanted pregnancy.

Answer #5

YES. use protection like a condom and pill or if you like it all natural go for a diafram or the depo injection keep in mind if you go on the depo eat three times a day and exercise daily. since it makes you gain weight.

ps I know I can’t spell so don’t be mean.

Answer #6

can someone answer me a question how many days can you miss your pill until it doesnt work? and when are you more likely to concieve near your period or after??

Answer #7

The pull out method is not an effective way to prevent pregnancies. In order to prevent a pregnancy you need to use an actual form of contraception (birth control pill, male condom, female condom, etc). You only need to have sex one time unprotected to get pregnant, so there is a high chance that you could already be.

If you’ve missed your period for 3 months, I agree with the above poster when they said that you should get a pregnancy test to find out whether or not you’re pregnant. If the test comes out negative, have a check in with your doctor so that they can make sure there’s not something else causing your missed periods. Let them know about the possibility of being pregnant, though, since sometimes some tests do not give accurate results.

If you’re not pregnant, remember that it’s always best to use condoms when having sex. Not only can they help prevent pregnancies, but they also prevent you from getting STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

Either way, good luck.

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