Does it cost anything to get a driving permit, if so how much?

Answer #1

Nope not from what i know

Answer #2

no.. just for the driving classes.

Answer #3

Of course it does - nothing’s free. The cost varies from one state/country to another … $22 for Ohio, it would seem:

Answer #4

I heard it does cost. I’m not sure how much but from what I know it was around $30

Answer #5

You have to pay to take the test to get your permit. In washington its twenty dollars to take the test. You also need to have an id in washington to take the test so if you don’t have one that’s another 20 dollars. It varies from state to state but not by much I’m sure. To take classes to get the actual license can be really expensive.

Answer #6

$77.50. For the written test-Road test & permit. The permit Is what It says Permits you to practice driving.Or to Learn to drive. But to get that you have to pass the written test. With the pass comes the permit as well as the rad test. You have to make the appointment by phone, your Motor Vehicle office no longer makes the appointment in person. In most offices you have to be in by no later than 2PM. his give you enough time to take the written test. You also should either go to an office OR go on line to download the drivers manual.

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