Has anyone had problems with cosmetic contacts?

I have been thinking about getting cosmetic contacts to change my eye color only are they good imean has anyone had problems with them??

Answer #1

Yes, I cant see through them properly because apparently the little round hole in the middle isnt big enough for me… apparently that can happen… (they look amazing though!)

Answer #2

Hey, my dad’s an eye doctor and my mom’s been wearing cosmetic contacts for years. They’re great, you just need to be sure you get the right fit. (Go to the eye doctor, over-the-counter contacts are not good–if they even sell color contacts over-the-counter…heh). But yeah. They’ll take a little while to get used to but once you’ve got down how to put them in and all you won’t even know they’re there. hugs, Jill

Answer #3

I wore them for a while, just for fun. They were just like prescription contacts and pretty inexpensive.

Answer #4

Yeah, they are really good. They are just like normal contacts justy withtout the perscription.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

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