Can anyone help my with my sudden face problems ?

I have a problem with spots, and when I get one I get loads and theyer not minor theyr major!! And dont go for weeks ! I also have tiny dry skin patches near my eyes and cheeks :s I need help on what to do, Also Suddenly my eyes are always sore, and quite sensitive to light :s I take my make up off and eye make up, an I know its not make up thats the problem. My eyes are sore red and have have dry skin around them, they keep watering, they are red and it makes me look drugged up which is horrible !! Please help !!

Answer #1

I had the dry patches under my eyes-use an antiseptic cream and they should disappear

And for the spots drink loads ov water, wash your face with warm then cold water, maybe wash your face with a bit of lemon or baking powder mixed with a bit of water(stings a bit but it works) and dont squeeze them because they leave blemishes :)

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