What is considered overtraining?

How does it feel?

Answer #1

If your dizy, nauseated, or anything else that feels extrodinarily uncomfertable your probably pushing it but other than that your body will increase and keep up with your training so youll need to do more than you use to in order to “overtrain”

Answer #2

I feel ok, but i study my performance and for some reason the last 3 weeks my performance has been not quite where it should be! Is it a case of taking some time off?

Answer #3

Take a break. if your performance is declining it could mean that your body is overtired. Overtraining also tires out your mind and that can also slow down performance. YOu NEED to take a break.

Answer #4

i agree

Answer #5

Took 7 days off and i did nothing! Went running today, felt fresh and actually enjoyed it… riding tomorrow! Thanks for replies everyone!!!

Answer #6


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