What would you consider the average runner?

I just jog 8 miles today but I normally do four miles or two a day. I ran my 5th mile in nine minutes, I might been able to run it faster but I had ran 4 miles previous to it. Do you think a nine minute mile is good?

Answer #1

A nine minute mile for a woman is well if it is your 5th mile. You should try running half a mile and then jogging a full mile and continue that cycle to build up the speed you want.

Answer #2

Slighty above average. Most of the new “average” cant even jog 5 miles let alone run a 9min mile after jogging 4. Bring Phys. Ed back into schools and actually have the work the kids and stop catering to the fat kids that may get made fun of in school. Or may get picked last. Or whatever. Health needs to be in the forefront now more than ever. The world is getting more andmore overweight.

Answer #3

yea its average;]

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