Is it considered "Gross" or "Weird" for a girl to have abs?

Answer #1

If she has a six pack or any form of a pack that’s not my cup of tea. But I’m not all about physical appearance either. Now body building women, that’s gross. Body builders in general scare me. If she just has a flat stomach or rock-hard “one-pack” stomach that’s still attractive.

Answer #2

Women naturally carry more body fat than men to support the demands of pregnancy.

Women have to be unhealthily lean in order to have ripped abs. Women athletes sometimes are this lean due to the demands of their sport. I wouldn’t call it “gross” or “weird” but I don’t think it is necessarily something women should shoot for.

Answer #3

I agree - an excellent perspective.


Answer #4

This was intended as a comment on “fillet’s” answer, but I also agree with Eliott.

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Answer #5

Its both to me.

Answer #6

One of my guy friends thinks it’s hot in some cases but I think it looks weird and unattractive.

Answer #7

Woot! Thanks man.

Answer #8

Me as a boy, woudn’t fin it gross or weird, maybe a bit weird its just a bit rare :) but in some ways it can be attrative to just don’t have abs like james bond or something urg

Answer #9

i have abs, they arent defined like obvious 6 pack going on, but a faint outline is ther and my man thinks its fine ;D

Answer #10

I know I have some small abs, but I was at the beach once in a bikini and this guy from school said that girls having abs was “Gross”!

Answer #11

Gross and weird? Really? Well, I have abs.

Answer #12

i think its attractive. its all about preference about the opposite gender… you just gotta find someone who wants you for you..

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